Friday, June 3, 2011

Rebooting solves everything!

At work the other day, our computers kept crashing.
I notified Tiff in I.T. that we were having issues, and she said to try re-starting our computers and see if that solves our problems.
I messaged her that Candy was in the process of doing just that, and I will keep her posted.

A moment later, I sent her this message: Re-booting seems to have solved all of Candy's problems! Her hair has never been shinier, she has received an increase in pay, her kids have never been more behaved, and her co-workers are now off fetching her chocolate! I have GOT to TRY this!

So I re-booted as well, and then sent her another message: Rebooting has also solved all of MY problems! Our Troops are on their way home, and Brad Pitt just proposed!

Her response: Yeah, Brad called me too!


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