Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ain't no Circus in THIS Town!

I started out my day thinking about finishing our Master Bedroom.
As the day progressed, I started thinking about how much I really hate having a cat litter box as the focal point of my bathroom.

When we rescued our kitten two summers ago, I had to put a litter box in there because I was afraid she was going to do her business in there box or no box. But as time went on, I notice that this one actually gets the least use. So it's time to take back my bathroom!

At first, I started thinking about what I would put in its place. It had to be something substantial so that the cats would walk in and say "Well I guess there's no doing my business in here any more!"

So I started thinking about what I would like in there. I started with a simple diagram:
And something like this would be quite easy to build. But then I remembered that Marty has borrowed my saw.... And I'm motivated today! SO I started surfing the net for something similar to my diagram, and of all places, Shopko had what I wanted!

I called my local store and they had one left because they were on sale. The sales lady asked if I would like her to set it aside for me and I said yes!

So now, in place of the litter box, I now have this:
Only mine is in a cedar colour. And it was half price! And yes, I did stop and buy Faux Fur to make a cushion for on top. It is so soft! I just love it!

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