Thursday, February 4, 2010

Standing My Ground

It's getting to be another crazy week around here.

My workplace had a flood on Sunday due to defective pipes connecting a sprinkler system.
It has been quite interesting watching every one deal with clean-up and relocation of the affected departments. It made Monday feel even more like a Monday.

But Tuesday was my favourite holiday.
What's not to love about Groundhog Day?
Nothing to cook for, nothing to shop for, no one you have to visit.
The only one it really inconveniences is Ppunxsutawney Phil, and he's lucky enough to go back to sleep after all the hoopla is over.

Yesterday, I got to play a part in a very fun prank.
One of the Doctors that I work with loves a good prank.
He is having his car repaired, and the Auto Dealership that is fixing his car dropped off a loaner
for him. They always drop off the keys at our desk for him.
Robin took the keys and said "So what kind of prank can we do to him? Should I tell him they lost the keys?"
I said "Nah, that's too lame. We need to leave something silly INSIDE the car."
That was all the direction Robin needed. A light bulb went on in her head, and she headed off to the nearest vending machine.

We started with what I refer to as a "Party Hat". It is one of those trays that a patient sets beneath the toilet seat so as to catch a urine sample. Robin poured in some apple juice.
I just happened to have some over-sized malted milkballs.
Candy happened to have some chocolate covered raisins.
One Malted Milk ball and 3 raisins later, Robin was leaving this appealing little surprise in the driver seat of Doc's loaner car!

As the day went on, everyone grew too anxious to see his reaction, so they told him that the dealership had called and said they may have accidentally dropped the keys to a different car in his loaner. Could he go check?

He said when he first got out there, he wasn't sure if it was us pranking him or the dealership! (Apparently they have pranked him a few times as well!). After seeing this, he felt he'd best look over the whole car and make sure there weren't any more surprises! And as he searched, he realized that the dealership didn't have access to such supplies as a Party Hat.

He took it very well. I know we're in for an even better prank pulled upon us some day soon, but for now, it was so worth it.

Today, curiosity got the best of me. With all og the flooding on Monday, I knew it would affect Hubby's upcoming appointments next week. So I called the radiation department and asked how his appointments would be affected. We'll need to go through a few more steps to achieve results, but at least we don't have to go to Green Bay like many of their other patients....yet.

We'll get through this. But it really makes me wonder why God is making each step of this journey such a challenge. But I will take a natural disaster over Hubby ending up in the hospital any day!

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