Saturday, February 27, 2010

Can't Sleep. The Clowns Will Eat Me

I woke up early this morning. I hate that! This is the weekend! A person is supposed to be able to sleep in on the weekends! But NO! I have to wake up early without the ability to just roll over and go back to sleep!

But it's not all bad. I was pondering what I want to do with our new bedroom. Thanks to the joy of internet, I have made some clearer decisions.

There are two major issues with the ceiling in that room.
#1 is that there is a big chunk of plaster missing. The advice I've received regarding this is that it would be just easier to put up drywall over the entire ceiling. EASIER? Are you joking? Sure I could get helpers to put the drywall UP, but I know that I would be left to put up 3 coats of skim-coating plaster over it all. That's a lot of effort for a gal my age. I would absolutely kill my back spending 3 weeks in an odd position whilst trying to put up even coats of plaster. Too much work for a gal like me.

Problem #2 is that the former landlord had felt that the easiest solution to the ceiling problem was to install a dropped ceiling. GROSS! I tore all that down with the help of my son Andy. Except there is a metal strip remaining all around the room on the upper walls. My fear is that removing this may cause more plaster to fall from the ceiling. So it's there to stay. And now I need to work around that.

But I've got an idea that may solve both issues.
First I need to fill the gaping area where the plaster fell. The beauty of my plan is that it doesn't need to be a pretty solution because it need only be level with the rest of the ceiling.
I am going to go to Lowes and by some paintable wallpaper and put up a Faux Tin Ceiling.
I'm thinking more along the lines of the second image here - but of course it all depends on what Lowes has for paper. And metallic paint.

The solution to the second issue - the metal strip surrounding the upper walls will be disguised.
I am going to buy some 1/2" x 6" wide lumber and attach that to the walls and ceiling all the way around the room which will actually make it look like the ceiling was raised in the center.
This 6" edge will also have the wall-covering on it.

Yes, this still sounds like a lot of work - but it is FUN work instead of tedious work. It's gonna look very cool if it turns out the way the construction crew in my head says it will.

And of course I am also changing my mind about wall colours. I've found some awesome home decor web sites lately that are just packed with ideas. And I'm thinking about going with a soft stone colour on 3 walls, and the third wall as a darker slate gray. I'll be picking up paint chips today to make a better decision on that. But I can then print and hang many of the interesting pictures that I have been collecting off of the internet for the past few years. Many of them are stone bridges, ruins, black and white and sepia pictures. I want them to pop when I hang them.

And then I will need to shop for a berry coloured comforter and sheets.

I will post pictures when this project gets under-way. It'll be a while before I dive in. My new Grandbaby is due any day now, and the benefit for hubby is just two weeks away, so it's best that I wait until all of that happens first.

Lets hope March is an awesome month!

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