Friday, February 12, 2010


I love to visit Apartment Therapy's site for ideas and Home Decor inspiration. I'm always looking for new ideas to keep our home interesting (also having an inspiring space makes me feel like cleaning it more often!), and what better place to find such inspiring ideas than touring other people's homes!

Some days there is nothing that screams "Groovy" to me on that web site. But today, I found oodles of ideas!

For example, I have one last table in our garage that is waiting to be stripped and refinished. I scored two of these tables at The Restore in Appleton (That is the place that gives me Store-gasms!)

I've been holding off on working on this table because I want to try something different with each one (also, I can really only do this through spring and summer when it is warm in the garage and I have the option of working in the driveway in the sunshine!). Well, today I have found my inspiration!
What a great idea for a table top! And I just happen to have some left over poly from when we refinished our living room floor that I can use to seal in the pennies once they are adhered to the surface! That will deter patina from setting in.

Now to decide if I will do them all face up or all face down, or mix it up to annoy some of my OCD friends. It's a good thing I have to wait for spring, because I need to start saving more pennies!

Our new bedroom needs a great deal of attention as well. I know I need to finish fixing the ceiling and putting up moulding, but I also want to do something cool with it to make it more inviting. This room has great space constraints, so I need to choose wisely what I will do with it.

I have been collecting vintage votive cups for years, and have ended up putting most of them in storage because I just don't have the room to display them all. But if I made a bunch of little display boxes as pictured below, I could have a lot of fun displaying my votives on them.

The awesome part about this idea is that I don't need to use solid wood to make the boxes. They won't be holding a great deal of weight. I could make them out of squares of Balsa Wood and glue them together, attaching sturdy fasteners to the back so they hang proper. And because they would be made of balsa, I can also make little edges on the tops of each one with left over balsa so that the candles never slide off and fall. It will be an inexpensive and simple project. I like that!

I would hang them lower on the wall though and hang an interesting picture above them. Half the fun of decorating is borrowing ideas and making them your own.

Another groovy idea that I spotted on Apartment Therapy is this spice rack!

What a great idea! Labeling the cork stopper with the name of each spice makes them easy to spot. And I love the idea of having them all in a small enough space that they could actually live beside our stove! This would be fun for anyone with space constraints. It might even make me enjoy cooking more! Well, okay, I already do enjoy cooking. It's the dirty dishes that I actually hate. Maybe some day Apartment Therapy will come up with a fun idea for those as well!

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