Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We totally have a theme going

The latest fad at my workplace is Friendship Bread.
That's the stuff that just keeps on growing and growing.
A friend gives you a bag of yeasty batter and you take it home and care for it for 10 days, and before you know it, it is time to bake two loaves of it - which turns out quite yummy if you have the right recipe. But you also find yourself with 3 new bags of batter to try to pass on to friends. If you have a shitload of good friends, you can keep it going forever.

I was foolish enough to actually keep one bag and pass on two during the first round.
For the second round, I thought I'd be smart and just bake a ton of the stuff and only keep one bag of new batter going.

Well, it turned out that I am the only one in the house who is eating the stuff! So barely a quarter of it was consumed, and the rest ended up in the trash.

Yesterday, I baked my third and final round of Friendship Bread. No more! There's a quarter on the dresser, I'm through wit ya! Elvis has left the Friendship Bread building.

Last evening, I baked 2 loaves of the stuff, and for some reason, (probably because I was cooking dinner AND baking bread instead of just sending good Friendly Vives to the oven), the loaves decided to collapse in the center, resembling a butt crack! So, I brought one loaf to work and said "Hey! It's Friendship Bread. If you can't share your Butt Crack with Friends, who CAN you share it with?"

Thankfully, everyone enjoyed that loaf and it is gone!

Now, I know that all of my coworkers have lost interest in the Batter portion of Friendship Bread. It takes a lot to remember to mush the batter in the bag daily. And if you don't do that, the yeast dies and the batter just ferments and doesn't bake well.

Whilst baking, I called and left a voice mail message on one sister's phone, hoping I would find a taker. I then called my other sis and asked her if she would be interested in a bag of Friendship Batter. Hey! They escaped the last two rounds!

"No way!" was Big Sister's response.
"How about if I just bake another loaf? Would you like a baked loaf of Friendship Bread?"
"Isn't that something like the story about the Chicken and the grain of wheat?" was her response.
"I just want to get rid of the stuff!" I laughed, "But I guess you're right about that."
So, no, she wasn't going to adopt any Friendship Bread, baked or unbaked.

But luckily, my other sis called back and said "Yes! I'll take a bag! My daughter will take a bag. And my son's Girlfriend will take a bag."

I was so happy I did a little dance in my kitchen! No more Friendship Bread Batter to tend to!

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